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10 habits that Damage Kidneys

Kidney failure has become one of the major health problem in today’s world. There are many people facing this problems


Wiz Khalifa Body Transformation|Diet and Workout Routine

Wiz Khalifa who is known for his rap talent has gained up 35lbs of mass in his body. Khalifa used

essential nutrition6

6 Essential Nutrition for the body you need to know

Food is one of the important factors for our body to stay active. It gives us several kinds of nutrients


Homemade mass gainer shake|Easy Recipe

Homemade mass gainer shake Gaining weight can be very easy for some people whereas for some people it can be

Treadmill or Park

Treadmill or Park- Which place is best for running?

Treadmill or Park? Treadmill and Park are both best place for running. Everyone knows that running is very good for

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