10 habits that Damage Kidneys

Kidney failure has become one of the major health problem in today’s world.

There are many people facing this problems and their are several reasons for this problem.

The function of our kidney is to filter the waste from our boy and excrete the of off the body. When the kidney becomes unable to purify the waste from our blood than it causes kidney failure.

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If the kidney becomes unable to function properly than it can cause in high toxic rate amount in the body and will result in several health issues.

So it is very important to take proper care of our kidney. Here are the 10 habits that you should not follow if you want your kidney to be healthy and minimize the chances of kidney failure.

10 habits that Damage Kidneys

1. Consuming too much Protein

The very first habit you need to get rid of is that you should not consume more protein.

Especially the animal protein like the red meat increases the chances of kidney failure.

The problem with over consuming protein is that when we over take it our kidney goes into an overdrive mode and begins hyper-filtering the blood.

The hyper filteration process can hamper the kidney and lead to kidney failure.

2. Smoking

Everyone knows that smoking cigarettes is harmful for our health especially lungs. 

But did we knew that it is also harmful for our kidney?

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Smoking is even more deadly for those who are diabetes victim as it increases the chances of kidney failure.

3. Over drinking Alcohol

As we have discussed above our kidney helps to purify the harmful waste from the blood.

When we over drink alcohol our kidneys are under huge stress as they help to flush the toxic.

It also disturbs the normal functioning of the kidney and causes dehydration too.

But still you can drink alcohol in moderate amount as it helps in proper health functioning.

4. Using excessive salt

Sodium is harmful for the body when taken in excessive amount as salt contains sodium over use can lead to kidney failure and hypertension.

Also sodium puts strain on the kidney when over taken.

5. Overusing pain killers

Pain killers are known for killing the aches, pain but though it helps to minimize the pain, it abuses the kidney especially if you have a weak kidney.

It can reduce the blood flow to the kidney and damage the kidney.

6. Holding pee for long

This is the most bad habit than can ruin your kidney.

Many people seems to hold down their pee for a longer period of time. This can result in kidney failure.

When we do not empty our urinary bladders it can disturb the kidney function and cause kidney failure.

So next time you feel like peeing damn care the surrounding and take care of your health.

7. Insufficient water intake

Water is important part of our whole life.

It is necessary to keep our body hydrated and maintain the blood flow to the kidney so that it can purify the toxins off the blood.

When our body is dehydrated the blood flow to the kidney slows down which can cause in thicker blood and cause the kidney vessels to block.

So it is very important to drink 3-4 liters of water daily.

8. Lack of proper sleep

Our body requires a good night sleeps of about 8 hours.

Having a good sleep can help in overall well being of the body parts.

If we are having improper sleep than it can cause in high blood pressure and high blood pressure means risk of kidney failure.

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9. Over drinking caffeine

Over taking caffeine cannot be a good idea for the kidney.

As it increases the blood pressure it puts a lot of strain to the kidney resulting in kidney failure.

10. Overtaking sweet foods

Excessive amount of sweet foods is not good for the teeth as it causes cavities. Neither it is good for your kidneys.

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In a study it was concluded that people who drank 2 soda daily had poor urine protein and poor kidney function.


Therefore this were the 10 habits that you need to get rid of ASAP if you want proper functioning kidney.

Be sure to leave a comment down about your thoughts and share it with your friends to make them aware.

For more information about causes, symptoms of kidney failur visit here Healthline

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