15 Bad Habits that Ruins your Health life

Bad Habits that Ruins your Health life

Hey, are you one of those who eats a lot and lacks physical exercises than this article is for you. People nowadays focus a little on the bad habits they got which has a high impact on their health. Every people in this world has a one or two bad habits which can bring a disaster in their lifestyle. For us, bad habits can be hard to break if we are following it for a long time.

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Below are some of the 15 bad habits that ruin your healthy life with advice on how to stop those habits.

Bad Habits
1. Bad habits: Smoking Cigarettes

15 Bad Habits that Ruins your Health life1

Smoking is the first thing you wanna get rid of your whole life. It is one of the bad habits that most of the people follow. According to research, it was found that people who smoked tend to have heart diseases and cancer death. It is also responsible for causing 80-90% lung cancer.

Smoking is also one of the habits that are very hard to get rid of due to the addiction and strength of nicotine.

Advice to stop smoking

As smoking can be harder to leave people who smoke can switch to vaping. Vaping is a new trend that helps the smokers to get rid of cigarettes.

Vaping is the solution to quit smoking as it is harmless too. There are several vape e-juice available in the market, some contain a small amount of nicotine and flavor use it in your vape and use it to get rid of smoking.

2. Bad Habits: Overeating junk food

15 Bad Habits that Ruins your Health life2

As it is 21st-century people are busy in their work and do not have enough time to think about their proper eating habits which is very important as a result people end up eating too much junk foods.

Junk foods can be very harmful to our health if over consumed. They also skip their breakfast which is one of the important meal for the day. If you switch down to healthy foods that it can provide a good amount of calorie and fulfill your hunger for the next hours.

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Advice to stop eating junk foods

Try to break this bad habit by listening to your body. If you often feel hungry than eat a sandwich. Make some extra pieces of sandwich or any other homemade dishes and carry it whenever you go out.

This way you can break your habit of eating junk foods.

3. Bad Habits: Drinking too much Alcohol

15 Bad Habits that Ruins your Health life3

Alcohol is a good drink as well as bad. It turns out to be a bad habit when over consumed whereas drinking alcohol in moderate amount has several health benefits.

In a research, it was found that women who drank more than 2 drink per day and the man who drank more than 3 drink per day increased their risk of getting high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, and depression.

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Advice to stop over drinking Alcohol

Limit yourself by drinking one drink per day. If you feel difficulty to stop this habit contact your doctor or visit your friend or family for support.

4. Bad Habits: Over snacking even when you are full

15 Bad Habits that Ruins your Health life4

Some of the people have a seriously bad habit of overeating snacks even when they are not hungry. This type of habit can be very harmful as it can result in lose touch with your natural hunger and pack an extra weight to your body. This habits also often results in health problems like diabetes, and heart diseases.

Advice to break over snacking habit

Such people need to control their eating and wait until they are truly hungry to eat. They can also drink water if they feel hungry and stop eating once your stomach gets stuffed.

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5. Bad Habits: Spending a long time in front of Computer or TV

15 Bad Habits that Ruins your Health life5

Children of this age are likely to spend their most of the time in front of TV or computer which is the fifth bad habit. The more time they spend on this media the more they become lazy and lack physical activeness. It is also found that watching TV hampers the brain and can cause memory loss.

Advice to spending a long time in front of Medias

People with such habits can get rid of it by limiting their time to 2-3 hours per day in front of the TV or computer. They should also separate some time for exercises so that they can be physically active.

6. Bad Habits: Overusing medicines

15 Bad Habits that Ruins your Health life6

Medicines are good for the health because it helps to get rid of diseases but it itself becomes a problem when overused. It is not good to over use medicines especially painkillers as it can develop the risk of ulcers, high blood pressure, and even heart attack.

Many people have the habit of taking painkillers like the Oxycodone and Vicodin often. Such habits can result in liver failure.

Advice to overusing medicines

Too much dependency on medicines is not a good habit. Instead of medicines look for other alternatives like a home remedy, herbal product or acupressure that can help you deal with health problems.

7. Bad Habits: Too many Sunburns

15 Bad Habits that Ruins your Health life7

Getting a sunburn is common nowadays but it is one of the bad habits. It causes early aging of the skin as it destroys the fibers that make the skin look good and elastic. It also causes skin cancer which is one of the major drawbacks of sunburn,

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Advice for avoiding sunburn

You can avoid sunburn by applying suns cream with a high SPF whenever you go outdoors on a sunny day. This way the UV rays cannot affect your skin and make your skin look great.

8. Bad Habits: Lack of Proper sleep

15 Bad Habits that Ruins your Health life8

Sleep is very essential for our body as during this time the body starts to recover all the energy loss in the daytime. Lack of proper sleep affects your immune system and your brains memory power, which can lead to reducing the health ability to fight form germs.

Advice to lack of proper sleep

Extend your sleeping time to 7-8 hours per day which is the best time period for your body to recover all energy loss.

9. Bad Habits: Poor body posture

15 Bad Habits that Ruins your Health life9

Having a good body posture is essential for your body. Poor posture cause problem like back pain. It mainly hampers our spinal cord causing spine deformities. A poor posture also causes lack of concentration and confidence.

A poor body posture can lead to affect body’s flexibility and muscle balance.

Advice to poor body posture

People with poor posture should do proper exercises or yoga which can help them maintain their body posture and make their body flexible. They should be focused on their posture while walking or working.

10. Bad Habits: Taking too much stress

15 Bad Habits that Ruins your Health life10

Taking too much stress increases the cortisol which is a stress hormone. Over limit of cortisol hormone can increase the blood pressure, lower immunity power of the body and also result in loss of appetite.

In this modern time, people have to deal with a lot of stress which can affect their mood, sex drives, and sleep.

Advice to lower stress

There are several measures to control stress level some of them are meditation, yoga, and deep breathing. You can also spend a good time with your friends and family or listen to music or read books in order to lower your stress.

11. Bad Habits: Not drinking enough water

 15 Bad Habits that Ruins your Health life11

We all know that how much water is important for our body to function well but knowing it we still lack to drink enough water. It is important to keep our body hydrated. Dehydration also is known as a lack of fluid in the body can cause several health problems like skin irritation, dry skin, fatigue, chapped lips, lack of concentration and focus. Lack of water also causes kidney stone due to the accumulation of toxins.

Advice for not drinking enough water

Measure your water consumption throughout the day if it is less than 3 liters per day than you need to drink more water.

Another way to find the water level in the body is by reading your urine color. If it is yellow like color drinks more water.

12. Bad Habits: Not taking care of Hygiene

15 Bad Habits that Ruins your Health life12

Taking care of hygiene is another bad habit of most of the people. Having a good hygiene includes good oral health and germs free body. Having a bad hygiene can lead to breakage of several diseases.

Advice to not taking care of health

Take a daily shower to be fresh and flush away all the sweat in the body. Brush and floss your teeth, Trim your nails, clean your ears once a week and if you use makeup or hair products be sure to wash them up before going to bed.

13. Bad Habits: Being indoors for long

15 Bad Habits that Ruins your Health life13

Being indoor is considered to be a bad habit as this affects the mental health and affect your mood. It also makes you physically inactive.

Advice to being indoors for long

Make a routine for going outdoors, make new friends and engage in outdoor games which can also make you active and love outdoor.

14. Bad Habits: Not visiting a doctor

15 Bad Habits that Ruins your Health life14

Visiting your doctor is not only necessary when you get caught by some chronic disease. It is good to visit a  doctor once a month for a full body checkup so that a simple problem won’t change to a chronic health problem. This way you can be sure everything is fine with your body.

Advice to not visiting a doctor

Make an appointment for your doctor and do a full body checkup once a month.

15. Bad Habits: Not exercising

15 Bad Habits that Ruins your Health life15

The last bad habit is not exercising. Exercising makes your body flexible and also helps in proper functioning of the body. It strengths your muscles and also helps in your proper body development.

Doing exercises like running, aerobics, weight lifting, and Yoga is very beneficial for our health.

Advice to not exercising

Make a routine for exercise and do it for at least 30 minutes a day. You can also join the gym, aerobic classes or do Yoga at your home.

Conclusion: This was the 15 bad habits that affect your healthy life. Be sure to avoid this bad habits to get a proper healthy lifestyle in present and future.



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