Best Hair Growth Tips for Growing Long Hair

Best Hair Growth Tips for Growing Long Hair: Today’s article is about how to grow hair which works for both male and female. Hair growing is a most common health problem which harms your looks and also your self-confidence. Here I am covering some of the Best Hair Growth Tips for Growing Long Hair.

There are mainly three stages where a hair grows. They are:

  1. Anagen Stage (Hair growth Stage)
  2. Catagen Stage (Ending of Anagen Stage)
  3. Telogen Stage (Resting stage of follicle)

Best Hair Growth Tips for Growing Long Hair1

Learn Detail about this Stages HERE

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Best Hair Growth Tips for Growing Long Hair

1. Eat Protein rich food

Lack of protein in your body causes in hair fall.

As the root follicle of the hair is made up of cells of protein, it is necessary to have a good diet of protein every day to keep the cells strong, reduce hair fall and grow long hair.

Beside Protein Biotin is also important for a hair growth. It is a B-Complex group of vitamin that helps to turn food into fuel for energy.

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According to experts for healthy hair, one should consume 30 micrograms of biotin from supplements or from biotin-rich foods.

Some of the foods that are rich in biotin and protein are:

  1. Almonds, Walnuts
  2. Fish
  3. Avocado
  4. Whole Egg
  5. Milk and Cheese

2. Massage your hair

Massaging your hair is also very important. It helps in circulation of blood all over the hair root which makes the hair grow faster and stops from hair fall.

Just remember not to be harsh during the massage session. Gently massage your scalp for about 10-15 minute. For more effectiveness, you can massage with some hair oil.

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3. Be rid of heat

Getting rid of Heat means not using Ironing rod, hair blower in your Hair. Beside this staying on a direct sunlight also causes weaker hair.

Though we cannot feel the heat it is actually affecting a lot. So the best way is to leave in natural after a shower no iron and no blower.

Best Hair Growth Tips for Growing Long Hair5

4. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a best and easy solution to grow long hair.

It has a great benefit as it is quicker to penetrate inside the hair follicle. It also provides moisturization to the hair and prevents it from drying up also provides shine in the hair.

We have already discussed massaging above so during massage session use coconut to make the follicle strong and provide protein to it as coconut oil is the only oil which contains a good amount of protein which helps to grow a long hair.

Best Hair Growth Tips for Growing Long Hair4

5. Do not Over style

Overstyling your hair can affect in your hair growth. Over styling is not recommended Trichologist.

According to them over-styling your hair causes the scalp to damage by the harmful chemicals of the products. Just use a good hair oil to make your hair look good.

Using hair products like wax, Gel, hairspray is very harmful to hair. Also tieing your hair tightly causes in hair loss as the hair roots get loosed.

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6. Cold water rinse

Rinsing your hair with cold water is also a good way to remove all the dust and other contaminants in your hair.

When rinsing it is never recommended to rinse with hot water as it causes hair fall. A gentle cold water rinse helps a lot. Do not use a high-pressure water while rinsing a basic shower is good for this method.

Cold rinse brings us to our another Best Hair Growth Tips for Growing Long Hair point.

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7. Do not use shampoo every time you rinse

People have a misconception of using shampoo everytime they rinse their hair.

The shampoo is useful for hair but only when it is used 1-2 times a week. It is mostly used to remove the dirt that does not comes off from rinse and also to remove natural hair oil.

Best Hair Growth Tips for Growing Long Hair8

Our hair produces natural oil from the body to prevent our body from drying up. If you regularly use shampoo than the oil gets removed so it causes in hair fall and cannot grow hair.

So a regular cold water rinse is good with shampoo 1-2 times a week.

8. Hair Growth Treatment

People willing to grow long hair can also use hair growth treatment. This includes a hair treatment, conditioner, shampoo, and Leave-in Conditioner.

There are many positive comments on this treatment. All this treatment contains high complex vitamins, protein, minerals which help in the follicle of the hair to stay strong and grow healthy hair.

Best Hair Growth Tips for Growing Long Hair6

9. Vaseline

Vaseline is not only important to prevent from drying skin and lips but it also helps in hair growth.

It is good if it is present in your bathroom shelf so every time you have a bath you can apply it to keep your hair scalp nourished and prevent from hair breakage.

Anagen Stage is a stage where your hair follicle lacks nutrients for a proper hair development. So in order to provide the scalp the nutrients, you can apply Vaseline in your scalp.


10. Castor Oil

Castor oil is the best beauty product which is available at a cheap price. It contains a lot of vitamins, mineral, fatty acids and protein which helps to grow a lot faster than usual.

It should be used on a dry damp hair after a shower and should be kept for hours or a whole night.

Best Hair Growth Tips for Growing Long Hair9

So this was the Top 10 Best Hair Growth Tips for Growing Long Hair for both male and female.

Share it with your buddies who are having hair fall and wanna grow long hair. Leave a comment for any extra Queries.




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