Chapped lips-Causes and Natural Treatment in Winter

Cure Chapped Lips

It is probably winter season running in your country and you may be facing chapped lips problem also know as dry lips. If you think a bit you may notice why this problem occurs only during the winter season. Yes, this is a most frequently asked question by the people.

Chapped lips mostly occur during winter because during this time our lips are mostly dry and if it not given special treatment than it can cause the lips to be dry and become chapped. The treatment for keeping the lips moisturized can be using lip balm, vaseline or any other lip care product.

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Do not worry this is not your enemy because a good care of lips can help you to prevent from chapped lips. I am going to tell some of the causes of getting this and the treatment for this problem.

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So let us start off with the Causes of getting chapped lips

Causes of Chapped Lips
1. Licking the lips with tongue

Sounds weird but many people are found doing this as it provides a small time pleasure for the dry lips. But on the other hand, it is very wrong for the lips. In the licking procedure when our saliva gets to the lips and dries up it takes more moisture from the skin.

So, in this case, we wanna moisturize our lips as much we can but not take away the moisture. Thus if you have the habit of licking your lips stop it to prevent chapped lips.

2. Not drinking enough water

Water is an essential thing for our body. It has several benefits from which one benefit is to keep the body hydrated.

During the winter our body should fight a lot for keeping the body away from dehydration. In this time if you lack water in our body then the body gets dehydrated and due to which chapped lips occur.

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3. Peeling or biting the lips flaky skin

Our lips skin is very thin and flaky so it needs to be taken more care, especially during winter.

When the lips skin gets peeled or the person has a habit of biting the lips it can cause the lips to bleed, slow the healing process and causes several lips irritation.

4. Lack of moisturization

No matter what the main causes of getting a chapped lip are due to lack of moisturization. It is very essential to keep the lips away from drying up.

People should focus on the lips properly during winter and keep them moisturized by applying lip balm and avoiding chronic dry lips.

So now you have known about the main four causes for chapped lips. You have known that mosturization is very essential for lips. But now if you, unfortunately, got this problem what are the treatment.

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Here are some of the treatment for chapped lips

Treatment for Chapped lips
1. Exfoliate Gently

If you got chapped lips than it may start becoming rough and slowly the skin starts to come off. Many people have the habit of taking the skin directly with their hands which is completely wrong. Directly taking of the skin can cause bleeding and lead to pain.

So instead of roughly taking off with hands apply an exfoliator like sugar scrub to your finger and rub to the lips gently.

After you do this be sure to apply a good lip balm to the lips and keep it moisturized.

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2. Keep your lips moisturized

Keeping your lips moisturized can help you from getting chronic dry lips. Keeping your lips moisturized is really simple, apply lips care product like Vaseline, lip balm with no flavouring containing petroleum jelly.

Ointments like coconut oil, petroleum jelly, and cocoa butter is also a good option for moisturization.

3. Use Aloe vera on your lips

Aloe vera is one of the natural remedies for curing chapped lips. Aloe vera contains nutrients like vitamins, lignin, mineral, sugar and amino acids that are helpful to heal the small cuts in the lips and relieves from the pain.

Cut some aloe vera and rub the inside jelly into the lips directly once a day.

4. Cover your mouth 

Covering the mouth when you are outdoor is like a prevention for not getting chapped lips.

The cold wind outside can take away the lips moisturize and make your lips dried so wearing a mask and covering it can help from getting rid of dry lips.

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5. Avoid Flavoured lip balms

Lip balm is very important to keep the lips moisturized. But not all the balms are good for the lips skin. Especially the balms with flavor added to it can be harmful.

Ingredients like Phenol, Camphor, and menthol should be avoided from the skin as they cause irritation and lips to dry out. You can see this ingredient in some of the lip care products so whenever you buy one of these be sure to check the ingredients used in it.

Some other natural remedies for chapped lips-

  • Cucumber
  • Vanilla Extract
  • Green tea bags
  • Coconut oil
  • Lemon juice
  • Cocoa butter

Using this natural ingredient can help you prevent and cure chapped lips.

Conclusion- This was the causes of getting chapped lips and treatment for the problem. This winter follows this measures to get rid of dry lips. The main point to dry lips is lack of moisturization so be sure to keep the lips moisturized.



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