Healthy Teeth: 10 Tips to get a Bright Smile

Healthy Teeth

Teeth which is one of the most exposed body parts due to which everyone wants good white teeth. Not maintaining your teeth can cause several teeth problems including the gum diseases. Only getting white teeth does not indicates healthy teeth, it must be free from gum or tooth decaying in order to call a healthy teeth.

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So, today I have listed some of the tips for making healthy teeth.


Tips for Healthy Teeth

1. Brush your teeth Properly

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Brushing your teeth should not only be done by spreading toothpaste in the teeth.

A poor brushing technique leads to several teeth problems.

Take a brush with a good and soft bristle on it and gently brush the teeth in a circular motion and also reaching the hard to reach areas. Be sure to remove any hardened plaque which can result in gum diseases in the future.

2. Use Fluoride containing Toothpaste

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There are many kinds of toothpaste available in the market but choosing the right toothpaste for your teeth is more important. It doesn’t matter which toothpaste product you use it should contain fluoride in it.

So why Fluoride?

Fluoride is one of the best defense against tooth decay, it helps to fight against the germs present in the mouth and prevents the tooth from decaying and also provides a shield for the tooth.

3. Brush before going to bed

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Brushing your teeth before you go to bed is the main tips for healthy teeth.

The Germs gets active during the night time when we sleep so it is important to remove all the food stuck in between the teeth in order to prevent from germs attack and provide a defense against the germs.

4. Flossing before you Brush

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Flossing seems to be neglected by most of the people. But it is important as brushing your teeth.

Dentist recommends flossing your teeth before brushing them as all the plaque gets removed from the teeth and brushing helps to remove it from the mouth. Flossing has several benefits like it reduces the plaque build up between the teeth and lowers inflammation in the area.

It is good to floss your teeth once a day before going to bed.

5. Clean your tongue 

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For maintaining healthy teeth only Flossing and Brushing is not enough.

Plaque does not only builds upon the teeth but it also gets build up in the tongue so it is necessary to clean your tongue while brushing. If not cleaned it can cause in bad odor and other oral health problems.

So rub your tongue gently every time you brush to get healthy teeth and odor.

6. Mouthwash

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Mouthwash is very important for maintaining healthy teeth.

One of the main benefits of mouthwash is that it cleans the hard to reach the area by the brush. It can also reduce the amount of acid present in the mouth and mineralize for healthy teeth.

7. Eat few Sugary and acidic foods

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Eating many sugary foods is the cause of getting tooth decay because the sugar converts into acids and erodes the teeth enamel.

The eroding of enamel later leads to the cavity. It does not mean that you should completely get rid of this types of food but you should limit yourself from eating this types of foods.

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8. Stop Smoking

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Smoking is one of the problems that cause several chronic diseases like cancer.

It also has a great effect on teeth. Smoking tobacco increases the risk of being caught by gum diseases and also it creates stain in your tooth which leads to unhealthy teeth.

People who are finding it difficult to leave smoking can use electric cigarettes or Vape which is harmless and helps in getting rid of the smoking habit.

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9. Eat Healthy Foods

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Healthy food is key to the healthy body during every age.

No matter old age or young everyone should eat a well-balanced diet that contains grains, leafy green vegetables, fruits with several other useful nutrients. Dentists suggest eating good calcium-containing foods for good tooth health and omega-3 that is present in fish to reduce the inflammation and gum diseases.

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10. Visit Doctor once a month

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No matter if you got a dental issue or not it is good to visit a doctor once a month to ensure that there are no hidden issues in your teeth that can grow into a major issue in future.

Only visiting a dentist is not good if you got a painful tooth.


Our oral health is also an important part of our body so it must be taken proper care.

All the above-mentioned tips can help you maintain healthy teeth and maintain that white bright shine of your teeth forever.

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