Morning Sunshine benefits for the body

Benefits of  Good Morning Sunshine

Many people are too afraid about the sunlight. It is true that excessive exposure of skin to sunlight causes skin burn and tan. Higher chances of skin cancer are there in the summertime in the extremely hot temperature.

But wait there are not only the negative impacts of sunlight on the human body. Exposure of skin to the sunlight is helpful for our health too. When it comes to morning sunshine there are a lot of health benefits than the daytime sunshine. It is rich in Vitamin D and exposure of skin to this sunshine can help the body with vitamin D deficiency.

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Benefits of  Good Morning Sunshine1

Good morning sunshine does not only provides a rich amount of Vitamin D but there are also more health benefits that are described below-

Benefits of Good Morning Sunshine

1. Morning Sunshine Promotes Healthy Bones

Exposing the body in the good morning sunlight helps to make the bones healthy. As there is a high presence of Vitamin D in the sunlight which is responsible for stimulating absorption of Calcium which helps to build bones.

An individual with healthy bones decreases the risk of getting musculoskeletal diseases like osteoporosis, arthritis, and fracture.

A disease caused by a lack of Vitamin D in the body called Rickets can also be easily prevented by the sunlight. For a child, it is good to be exposed in the sunlight for 15 minutes.

2. Morning Sunshine Helps to treat Depression

May sound weird but it is true that morning sunshine helps to cure people with depression.

According to the research, it was found that a person who is exposed to good morning sunshine for at least 30 minutes on a regular basis has increased level of Serotonin and make them feel relaxed.

The fall in the level of serotonin is caused due to a chemical imbalance in the brain which is helped by the morning sunlight for the production.

3. Morning Sunshine improves the Metabolism

Morning sunshine ultraviolent rays help in suppressing obesity. Metabolism is found to be improved by the Early sunshine. It also helps to maintain a good healthy weight.

As the Vitamin D deficient individual may have more accumulation of fat than the normal person, it is recommended to stay at the sunlight for at least 15 minutes.

Benefits of  Good Morning Sunshine3

4. Morning Sunshine prevents early aging of eyes

Macular degeneration is the condition whereas one eye ages another eye start getting weaker. Lack of Vitamin D3 mainly causes this problem in the body. Eyes starts losing its visibility once the macular degeneration starts to grow which causes early aging of eyes.

Morning Sunshine helps to cure this problem as it contains a high amount of Vitamin D. You can just let the sunlight fall in the eyelid and rest there for 15-30 minutes.

Doing this daily can help you from getting rid of macular degeneration.

5. Morning Sunshine improves your sleep Quality

The morning sunshine helps you to get a quality sleep. It helps in regulating circadian rhythms which helps the body to get a quality sleep.

Circadian cycle is a 24 hours running cycle which facilitates the regulation of physiological, behavioral and biochemical processes which is responsible for controlling the cycle of sleep.

6. Morning Sunshine cures people with Hypertension

When an individual gets exposed to the morning sunshine their skin starts releasing nitric acid which helps to lower the high blood pressure and makes them feel relaxed.

Thus it also helps to cure several cardiovascular diseases and cure people of hypertension.

7. Morning Sunshine reduces chances of Cancer and other major diseases

Research that was conducted in 2008 concluded that it was found that early morning sunlight reduces the chances of getting cancer because of the adequate amount of vitamin D3.

On the other hand, it also helps to reduce major chronic diseases like

Benefits of  Good Morning Sunshine4

So now you have known the benefits of morning sunshine now it is necessary to know how long you should stay in the sunlight in order to achieve the best benefit. It is not that sitting for a long time gives more benefits. The time depends upon several factors they are-

How Long to stay in the sunlight?

The fair person gets the Vitamin D quicker when exposed to the sunlight within 10-15 minutes whereas for the darker person they need to expose their skin to the sunlight for more time-sometimes even 1 hour.

But as recommended by the National Institutes of Health for the average person it is good to expose the skin in the morning sunshine for at least 15 minutes.

Conclusion – By the end of the article, you may have to know the benefits of morning sunshine and the time to spend on it. The morning sunlight is really very helpful to spend a few minutes in it and drive some health benefits into your body.



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