Osteoporosis: Causes, Signs and Weight Bearing Exercises


There are several health problems that occur to the human body. This diseases can affect our several body parts like heart, bones, nervous system etc. One of the health problem seen in the people nowadays is Osteoporosis. 

Osteoporosis means porous bone, it is a bone disease that occurs when the body starts losing too many bones or makes too little bones. As a result of this, the bones start getting weak and may break, dislocate or fall during a minor sneeze or bumps.

So why is this problem caused and how can we cure this problem. Well, today in this blog you will know all this question answers.

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Causes of Osteoporosis
1. Osteoporosis: As you Age

The most common factor for getting this problem is due to your age. People who are older are likely to get this problem. This is because the bone density when you are in the 20’s is greater and when you get older the bone density starts falling.

People might be thinking that low calcium diet is the probable cause for this problem but not having calcium is not the only reason. According to experts both age and the proper diet has a relation to this problem.

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2. Osteoporosis: Hormone Imbalance

Hormone-like the parathyroid hormone and growth hormone are the main responsible hormone for regulating our bones density. Sometimes the imbalance of this two hormone can also cause osteoporosis. This hormone helps the orchestrate which is responsible for the usage of calcium for the bones and determining the bones density.

On the other hand, the high amount of parathyroid is not good as it causes the loss of calcium in the urine. As you age your body produces less amount of this hormone which causes weaker bones.

3. Osteoporosis: Lack of estrogen in women

Sometimes in the case of women having osteoporosis, it can be due to low estrogen.

Estrogen is a female sex hormone and responsible for controlling all the other hormone in the female body. As the women ages, the production lowers which causes this problem.

4. Osteoporosis: Lack of Testosterone in a man

As Estrogen is the female sex hormone whereas Testosterone is the male sex hormone.

Testosterone has the same work as of the estrogen. It helps to bring the male characteristics in the body and controls the male overall energy. Over time the production of this hormone lowers so they lack energy and also face osteoporosis.

5. Osteoporosis: Lack of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is good for skin and for the bones too. The little amount of Vitamin D in the body causes weaker bones. It is important for the bones because it is the factor that helps the body to absorb calcium for the bones.

6. Osteoporosis: Smoking

Another cause for osteoporosis is smoking. Yes, smoking also causes low bone density and a higher risk of getting fractures.

Research has shown that the person who smokes bones health was affected by the nicotine found in the cigarettes. Nicotine causes this problem because it block’s the body’s ability to produce and use calcium, vitamin D and Estrogen which are the bones building factors.

7. Osteoporosis: Lack of Calcium

Our body bones are mainly made up of calcium. It is the building block for the bones. Low amount of calcium in the body also causes osteoporosis.

We need a good amount of calcium flowing in our blood since many of our body parts like heart, nerves, and muscles depends upon calcium. As we age and have low calcium diet our bones become thin and become brittle bones.

8. Osteoporosis: Bad Body posture

Body posture determines your bones strong. A bad body posture causes the vertebra to get weak.

Bad posture affects the bones and can cause several pain in the pain including osteoporosis. So it is important to have a good and straight posture without bending the vertebra.

9. Osteoporosis: Thyroid

Thyroid can also be a cause for osteoporosis. In a research, it was found that high levels of thyroid hormone cause the increase in bone loss.

Most of the doctors agree that high dosage of thyroid hormone can benefit the body from getting regular exercises and also taking enough Vitamin D and Calcium diet.

10. Osteoporosis: Consuming too much Alcohol

Alcohol can be beneficial for the body when taken in less amount but when over consumed it can cause several health problems including bone remodeling and calcium loss.

If you have a good calcium diet but still drink too much of alcohol than the alcohol is likely to lose all the calcium resulting in weaker bones. So consuming alcohol in moderate amount is good for the health.

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This was the causes of getting osteoporosis. Now if you find some problem in your bones you wanna make sure is it this problem. For the easiness here are the signs of this problem.


Signs/Symptoms of Osteoporosis

People may not see any symptoms in the developing phase of osteoporosis but as it grows you can see the following signs in the body.

  1. Back Pain caused due to collapsed vertebra or fracture.
  2. Stooped posture.
  3. Bone fracture or dislocation that occurs easily.
  4. Height loss.
  5. Bones starts to ache.
Weight Bearing Exercises for Osteoporosis

Doing a high weight-bearing exercise can help to build the bones density and keep them strong. Not only this but it can also prevent bones from fracture or dislocation. If you want to make your bones strong and prevent from this problem here are some of the weight bearing exercises.

  1. Do high-density aerobics.
  2. Yoga’s
  3. Uphill run.
  4. Dancing.
  5. Tennis.
  6. Jogging/Running.
  7. Hiking.

All these exercises focus on your bones and muscles groups too so it is good to do this exercises in order to make your bones strong.

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At the end of the article, you have known the causes, symptoms and weight-bearing exercises for this problem. It is important to have a good vitamin D and calcium diet for making your bones healthy and strong. Though this problem is mostly seen to the older people it is good to follow the good rules of thumb for fewer problems in the bones.



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