Top 17 Benefits of running in Early Morning

Benefits of running in Early Morning: Running is one of the best exercises for our body. It has several benefits which help in promoting a healthy life.

Rather than unusual time for running, running in the morning can be more effective. People who usually run every morning are more healthy and loaded with full energy than the other normal people. Running for weight loss is one of the most practiced exercises by the people as it helps to burn calories.

There are many benefits of running but here are some of the mainly focused 20 benefits which will drive the craziness in you about running in the early morning.

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Benefits of running in Early Morning

1. Increases Resistant capacity

Running every morning can help your body’s immune system be strong. Because of the strong immune system being ill is very rare in such a person’s body. Such type of person is also very active in outdoor activities.

2. Bones get Strong

Running every morning can make your bones strong especially the leg bones which highly gets engaged during the run. It strengthens the bones which do not get easily broken nor gets diseases like arthritis.

3. Helps to Lose Weight

Only running for weight loss is not working but it can contribute a lot for weight.

As during the time of running has a  huge number of calorie is burned it can help in weight loss and reduce body fat.

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4. Helps to end Tension

One of the hormone in our body called Testosterone which is responsible for body development and inner feelings.

According to research conducted it was found that people who run every early morning had more testosterone than people who did not run. More testosterone level helped them from ending tension and having a good mental health.

5. Proper Digestive System

Running every morning can help you with proper digestion. It helps to regulate your metabolism. For people having a poor metabolism and an unhealthy digestive system, it can be a huge benefit to run early in the morning.

6. Good Sleep

Insomnia also is known as the sleeplessness the body condition where a person has a sleep disorder or cannot fulfill his sleep.

The best remedy for this disease is running. If you have this disease than start running during the day time because in the morning our body gets tired due to which we fell a good sleep at night.

7. Controls Diabetes

Benefits of running is that it helps to control the Diabetes. There are two types of Diabetes: called Type 1 and Type 2. Running early in the morning can help you to cure Type 2 Diabetes and control of other heart diseases.

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8. Healthy mind

During the morning time all of our body parts are active so is the brain. Waking up early in the morning and going for a run can increase the power of your brain which helps to make it healthy too.

9. Lower Depressions

Cortisol Hormone which is the hormone responsible for our mood and feeling. Depression is determined by the level of this hormone in our body this means lower hormone level lowers the depression and vice-versa.

So running can help to lower cortisol hormone which can help you lower your depression too.

10. Lower Cholesterol

Cholesterol can be harmful for the body if it is present in the blood in huge amount.

According to research conducted it was found that running early in the morning can help to lower the cholesterol level which can help to get rid of high blood pressure and heart attack too.

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11. Cures faster Aging

The Hormone responsible for aging is- testosterone, progesterone, estrogen and cortisol. All this four hormone is human growth hormone.

So running can help to regulate the level of this hormone and do not allow the body to grow old and slows down the aging.

12. Cuts extra Fat

Fat is a important nutrient for our body but when it comes to unhealthy fats that get produced from junk or unhealthy foods it is better not to have those type of fat.

Cutting the unhealthy fat can be a huge dilemma for some of the people. So such people start doing Yoga’s, join a gym and doing cardio. But doing all this can go expensive.

Cutting the extra fat in the body can be a huge benefits of running which is priceless.

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13. Increases the Stamina Level

Another benefit of running is that it increases the bodies stamina level. There are several ways to increase the stamina level but if physical activities especially running is not included in the running that it cannot show a great outcomes.

When we run our every body parts and muscles are highly active which increases the stamina of our body and makes you less tired.

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14. Toxins comes out

We know that there are many toxins in our body which we cannot get rid of with no medicines. But a simple way to get rid of such things is by running.

The toxins that are accumulated in our body gets out when we run and our body sweats out through which the bodies negative toxins also gets released.

15. Feels good

As i have described about the hormone role in aging. The two hormone called- cortisol hormone and testosterone hormone helps to maintain our activeness.

Running can help to maintain the flow of this hormone in the body which makes us fell good and better.

16. Makes us active throughout the day

Waking and running up early in the morning can make the brain active rather than sleeping till late morning.

Our brain gets active when we provide it with a little bit of exercise. While running our brain also gets enagaged and gets active due to which it gets active through out the day and makes you get rid of boredom.

17. Healthy Body

The last benefit of running in the morning is that it makes our body healthy.  All we want is the healthy body which running can provide us free of cost.

As we know by now running helps us to make all our body parts also the brain active it can contribute a lot for having a active and healthy life in present and future.

How Long to run?

Above points were the top 17 Benefits of running in Early Morning but you may have a query in your mind that how long should i run?

Can you do it for hours or for a few minutes. Well, there is no exact timing for running. But according to the trainer’s running for at least 20 minute is good for the body. Neither too long time nor too less isnot recommended at all.

So this were the top 17 benefits of running in the early morning. Make up your routine from today and start your running session from tommorow. Share it with your fitness buddies and let them also know about this awesome benefits of running.

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