Treadmill or Park- Which place is best for running?

Treadmill or Park?

Treadmill and Park are both best place for running. Everyone knows that running is very good for our health as it helps in the smooth flow of blood throughout our body and including the inner parts like the heart and lungs.

Running is mostly done in a free park or a treadmill. However nowadays due to over crowd in urban areas the parks have been shut down due to which treadmill are a great alternative. People usually wake up early in the morning and run on the treadmill but is this better than running in the park?

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The best place to run

One of the great benefits of running in the park is that it contains a good amount of oxygen and the atmosphere is also good for the health. Because of the high oxygen amount and open air the park seems to be a good place to run early in the morning.

But as we all know that nowadays in urban areas the pollution is too much that it is almost impossible to find a good atmosphere park.

Especially people living near the factory areas tend to inhale more harmful gases which affect their health condition and result in several respiratory dysfunctions.

So knowing all these problems in the air we may want to choose to the best alternative for it.

It is easy to run on a treadmill as nothing can block your way running. It can be used while you are inside the home. Also dust, smokers are not a problem for the it and you can easily lower the risk of health problems. So in such situation it can be a great choice.

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Talking about the oxygen consumption in this two places, running in the park consumes an equal amount of oxygen as running in the treadmill. So running in the treadmill is equally effective as running in the park.

Many people feel tired, fatigue and lazy after running in the same place for a long time. They also get tired quickly by running in the treadmill. Also, some people feel lazy running in the same place for a long time and stop running.

As many people get more active while running in the park inhaling the cool air. Also running in the park helps to maintain a social relationship with other people, due to which they donot really fell tired and enjoy the run.


To the end i would like to suggest that if there is less pollution run in the park as it is more effective than the treadmill.

But if there is more pollution stick with the treadmill and continue the run which will give you more health benefits.


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