Wiz Khalifa Body Transformation|Diet and Workout Routine

Wiz Khalifa who is known for his rap talent has gained up 35lbs of mass in his body.

Khalifa used to be skinny guy who was 30 years old and weigh only 140 pounds weighs 180 pounds now. He has successfully changed himself from a skinny guy to muscular shredded guy.


Khalifa said that ” he wanted to begin his MMA training at first but his ass got kicked off several times by his cousin who train jiu-jitsu”.

After getting kicked off several times he thought of being stronger and learn how to fight.

Khalifa also told that he was never upset of his skinny look but as has turned 30 he wants to make up a little muscular look in his body.

Khalifa’s Meal Plan

The rapper now spends 3 to 4 hours of his time at the gym working out and has increased his daily meal plan to upto 5 meals a day.

He has shared his meal plan in his instagram profile which tells how hard he is working for achieving muscular body.


With all this 5 meal all his protein, carbs and fats requirement gets fulfilled.

Khalifa also says that the amount of smoking marijuana makes him even more hungry and can eat a lot of meal per day.

Khalifa’s Workout 

As he is mostly seen in gym nowadays he spends his gym time doing workout like squat, bench press and many more other workouts.

Although spending his time in gym he has announced that his new album Rolling paper 2 will be out soon.


For the khalifa’s fans who are eagerly waiting to see him at the MMA ring he says that he wont be competing at the MMA as he doesnot wants to be pro in this field as he is interested in rapping rather than MMA.

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